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sku 2206 Organic Quinoa Flakes (350 gms)

These little flakes are definitely one of my favorite ingredients on earth They're super easy to make, the quinoa flakes make them a hearty and more protein-rich snack Quinoa flakes are also a Learn More

sku 2199 Organic Barley Grain Flakes (300 gms)

If barley flakes remind you of oatmeal (rolled oats), it’s because they’re created the same way, by steaming kernels, rolling them, and drying them. As with barley grits, flakes can Learn More

sku 2204 Organic Finger Millet Nachani Ragi Flakes (500 gms)

Finger Millet contains all the essential amino acids, is the highest in calcium and potassium, and also a very rich source of iron. A good source of insoluble fiber which makes a person feel Learn More

sku 2208 Organic Oats Flakes (350 gms)

Oat flakes that have been kiln-dried, steamed and flattened, are nutritious Oat flakes contribute important protein, vitamins and other nutrients that support good health. Whether regular, thick, Learn More

4 Item(s)

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