Our Story

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Bon Appétit was inaugurated on the 13th of August 2001.
 We are a registered firm situated in the Union Territory of Pondicherry, which was ruled by the French for over 400 years. Even today, a part of the town showcases the reminiscences of the French culture. Within the first year of Bon Appétit’s operation, we realised that a certain number of food products we promoted could not be considered ‘healthy’ at all. India is essentially an agricultural country wherein organic farming has been practised since centuries. Our native foods are diverse, just like our languages, festivals, rituals and beliefs. My Maternal Grand Father, Shri Shamji Dharshi Sethia  (10.10.1936 27.03.2004) was the one who encouraged me to return to “Our Forgotten Foods". He sowed the first seed of my organic business. With his guidance and blessing, my journey across India commenced. It was my quest to understand, to do my research and educate myself about the Organic world and become part of it. Over the years, Bon Appétit has grown organically and has established itself as a pioneer in the promotion of organic products in India today.